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Teeth Whitening For A Healthy, Happy Smile

Your smile might just be the first thing people will notice and remember about you. So it’s important you have a smile that truly reflects the best version of yourself. One of the most common issues people have with their teeth is yellowing and discolouration, which makes them look unhealthy and are cosmetically unappealing as well. Here we talk about what causes teeth whitening and what you can do to keep your teeth, and your smile, looking healthy and happy!

What causes yellow teeth?

There are many causes for yellowing or discolouration teeth, including:

  • Certain foods and drinks like tea, coffee, wine and soft drinks, and fruits and vegetables like apples and potatoes can stain teeth
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco causes teeth discolouration amongst other dental health issues
  • Poor dental hygiene including not brushing teeth properly or regularly eventually leads to yellow and stained teeth.
  • General wear of the teeth with age leads to thinning of enamel (the outer covering of teeth) which gives a yellowish or grayish appearance.
  • Some medications, like antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline can cause teeth discolouration. Antihistamines (eg. Benadryl), and drugs for high blood pressure, also cause yellow teeth.
  • Excessive fluoride either from the environment (eg. water sources) or excessive use of fluoride toothpastes and mouthwash can also cause discolouration

How can you prevent yellow teeth?

The most important step to take to prevent or stop yellowing of your teeth is to follow good dental hygiene and make some lifestyle changes. Brush your teeth properly twice a day followed by a good mouthwash rinse. Cut back on coffee and colas, and take care of your teeth while consuming acidic foods and juices.

If you are a smoker, consider quitting – not only will it stop teeth discolouration, it will improve your overall health too!

Doctors recommend getting your teeth professionally cleaned by a dental hygienist every 6 months. A professional is able to tackle deeper intrinsic stains, gently remove bacteria and plaque and polish teeth to make them appear shining, clean and healthy.

What treatment options do I have for teeth whitening?

The main options for removing discolouration are whitening treatments or veneers. At Skin ‘n Smiles we use an advanced teeth whitening system by Philips called Zoom. Zoom is a globally renowned teeth whitening system consisting of customised options for both at home treatments and professional ‘chairside’ services at the dentist’s. The Zoom Take Home Teeth Whitening kit only requires two visits with your dentist. We make a custom clear plastic tray molded for your teeth, which you can take home with you and apply with a special whitening solution for a specific period as recommended based on your needs.

The professional Zoom Chairside Whitening system is perfect for patients who want a fast and specialised service at the dentist’s. The Zoom in-office tooth whitening procedure uses the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp – said to accelerate the bleaching process – producing excellent results in just 45 minutes!

Porcelain veneers are another option for improving the appearance of your teeth. Veneers are wafer-thin, custom made shells of tooth-coloured materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth. By creating a new tooth surface, veneers effectively conceal flaws like discolouration as well as chips and worn edges. Porcelain veneers look natural, are good at resisting future staining and a long lasting option for healthy-looking teeth.

In order to get your teeth evaluated and get advice on the best treatment options for you, drop by our clinic to see our specialists!

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