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Sachin Dhawan

About Us

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About us

Exceptional care for your skin and smile!

At Skin ‘n Smiles our focus is on exceptional care and comfort for our patients. We have established a trust and reputation for providing the most advanced treatments using high-tech tools, always delivered with the same old-fashioned personalised care. Our clinic provides a wide range of medical and cosmetic services in dermatology, dentistry and orthodontics.

Why Choose Us

Prevent. Treat. Maintain

Dr. Sachin Dhawan

MD Dermatology

Dr. Latika Dhawan

MD Orthodontics

Whether it is your skin, your hair or your smile, our approach to care is – prevent; treat; maintain.

At Skin ‘n Smiles, we have built a patient-centred clinic. We understand that each patient’s experience is unique, and what may seem like a common medical issue may have different underlying causes. That is why we take time with our patients to offer them well-rounded care that keeps them healthy, treats their concerns effectively, and enables them to continue to look and feel healthy and happy!

Award-winning Doctors

Renowned experts in their respective fields, our doctors bring several years of experience and global expertise.

Advanced Technologies

We keep ourselves equipped with the most advanced technologies and medical science to offer you world-class care.

18 Years of Experience

Since our founding in 2005, we have continued to grow and improve, building a community of thousands of happy patients!

Personalised Care

Each treatment is designed specifically to address the patient’s unique needs and concerns.

Our Staffs

Meet Our Professionals

Linda Martin


Adam Stones


Kyle Lawson


Ricky Frains


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