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Reinvent your smile!

Reinvent your smile! Quick and cost-effective smile makeover treatments

Christmas and New year’s eve are just around the corner! It is also wedding season. Are you getting ready for the holidays? Family functions and parties? You have your outfits picked, and your hairdos planned? But are you embarrassed about your smile? Do you find yourself wondering if you should have fixed your teeth when you had the time? Or did you give up, with the assumption that it would cost too much?

Smile correction need not require an expensive, time consuming commitment. Depending on the nature of your concern, you can improve your smile in as little as an hour. In this blog, we discuss three commonly sought after treatments that address aesthetic issues in your smile, and are a quick and cost-effective means of helping improve your overall appearance.

Teeth whitening

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to achieve a brighter smile is with professional teeth whitening. Over time, teeth do become stained and discoloured. Lifestyle habits like smoking, consuming certain food and drinks, like coffee and tea, as well as certain medications exacerbate the discolouration. Yellow, stained or discoloured teeth can have a significant impact on your smile, making your teeth look unhealthy.

Professional teeth whitening is a safe, non-invasive and effective procedure. At Skin ‘n Smiles, we offer In-office teeth whitening with the Philips Zoom Chairside Whitening procedure, that is shown to improve your teeth colour by upto eight shades in just an hour. This procedure is a favourite of our patients who are looking to brighten their smile quickly, conveniently and most importantly, safely!

We also offer the Zoom take-home whitening kits, which are customised and prepared to suit your needs. With the supervision of your Orthodontist, you can use the whitening agents on your teeth at home. It is still much safer than many other off-the-shelf whitening agents (which can be ineffective or downright harmful), however, the take-home kits take longer to deliver results.

Gum Contouring

Besides their role in protecting your teeth, gums also outline your teeth, acting as a sort of frame, and as such, serve as a vital part of the aesthetics of your smile. So a smile where there is an excessive exposure of gums can seem unappealing. Some people are born with a ‘gummy’ smile, whereas others may develop one later in life due to uneven or improper eruption and growth of teeth, and other factors. Uneven gum contours – due to excessive gum tissues – can make your whole smile seem asymmetrical and less aesthetic.

Gum contouring is a minor oral surgery where your Orthodontist will reshape the contours of the gum line to make it more even. The nature of surgical sculpting depends on the specific requirements of the patient, but the procedures are quick, painless and minimally invasive.

By making your gums even, gum contouring can also make it easier to keep them clean of plaque and tartar with your usual cleaning routines, thus not only improving your smile, but your overall dental health as well.


Veneers are designed to conceal minor dental imperfections like crooked teeth, gaps, chips and permanent stains. They help improve the overall appearance of your smile. A veneer is a wafer-thin shell of tooth-coloured material, applied to the front of the tooth, almost like a jacket. Porcelain veneers are the most popular option because they are most identical to real teeth, as strong as enamel, and can resist stains better. Porcelain veneers are custom made, and their colour is made to match the shade of the rest of your teeth. Veneers require just a few office visits – up to three appointments for assessment, preparation and fitting – thus delivering you a new smile in no time! They don’t require advanced upkeep—as long as you are following a good oral hygiene routine, your veneers can last for 15 years or more.

A bright confident smile is your best accessory. Drop in any time at Skin ‘n Smiles or contact us on the Skin ‘n Smiles App for a consultation to find out how we can help you bring out your perfect smile!

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