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PulpectomyRoot Canals

Pulpectomy/Root Canals

When tooth decay (caries) isn’t treated on time, it gets deeper and the infection reaches the nerve (pulp tissue). Such teeth require endodontic treatment (Pulpotomy/Pulpectomy). This may also be required when a tooth fractures, following an injury. Extensively mutilated primary molars with very large cavities are covered with stainless steel crowns following treatment. This is strongly recommended in all molar teeth undergoing root canal treatment. For further prevention of cavities in high caries risk children, fluoride & sealant applications are indicated, along with a healthy diet and good oral hygiene.

Painless treatments with nitrous oxide.

It is understandable for anyone, especially little children, to feel nervous about a dental visit. Some children can get anxious or even fearful of certain dental procedures. Nitrous Oxide gas can provide a safe and effective method to help reduce a child’s pain and anxiety during a dental procedure. It does not make your child feel overly drowsy, they are simply relaxed, happy and comfortable. Children recover quickly from the effects of nitrous oxide, once their treatment is completed. If your child needs nitrous oxide, our doctors will discuss the process and what to expect so both you and your child can feel completely comfortable and prepared for the treatment.
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