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Does your teen hate braces? You might want to try Invisalign® Teen

Does your teen hate braces? You might want to try Invisalign® Teen

Your teenager has uneven teeth, but refuses to get braces. It’s understandable – for many teens already struggling with their self-image, crooked teeth are bad enough … but “brace face”? It is not something they want to deal with! What they need are aligners that can do the job, without having to deal with the pain and annoyances of that go along with having brackets cemented to their teeth.

Invisalign® solves all of those issues – clear aligners that are virtually invisible, and do the job just as effectively without the pain and hassles of traditional braces. These aligners have been very popular with adults worldwide. And now, Invisalign® has developed a smile correction system specially designed for teenagers. Just like Invisalign® for adults, the “teen” version straightens misaligned, crooked, or crowded teeth using multiple sets of clear, removable aligner trays.

How does Invisalign® Teen work?

Invisalign® Teen works exactly like Invisalign, but has added benefits and features. While traditional braces use brackets, wires and bands, Invisalign replaces all these with simple, easy-to-apply, clear aligners. The aligners are custom-made to fit your child’s teeth, and are an almost invisible way of straightening teeth. They may look like simple retainers, but these aligners are actually working to align your child’s teeth in a manner very similar to braces. They put pressure on the teeth, gradually shifting them out of their misalignment and into the correct position.

The aligners are updated and replaced every two weeks, and the teeth will continue to move. Your child needs to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours every day for the treatment to be effective and timely. While Invisalign is generally painless, your child may experience some discomfort as they adjust to their new aligners. The discomfort reduces in a couple of days.

What are the rules and restrictions with Invisalign® Teen?

In short, there are no severe diet restrictions as with traditional braces, and dental care is also less complicated. The most important rule is adherence – your child should keep the aligners on for at least 22 hours a day.

They should take the aligners out for meals and cleaning. The aligners are perfectly safe to keep on during most extra-curricular activities and sports. At the time of your fitting, our Orthodontists will be happy to give your child detailed guidelines on wearing and taking care of the aligners and answer all their questions.

One of the most loved benefits of Invisalign® is that there are no specific diet restrictions. Your child can eat whatever they like, as long as they put their aligners back on after the meal!

Are there any side-effects or issues with Invisalign® Teen?

During the first few days, your teen might speak with little lisp, or notice increased saliva production as the mouth adjusts to something new in its environment. These issues go away on their own in a few days. They might also experience some lip dryness as they might have a tendency to open their mouths more frequently – this can easily be taken care of with a lip balm.

What if my child loses their aligner?

Because the aligners are removable, there is a chance that your child may misplace it. That is not a problem! You can just let us know if that happens, and we will arrange a replacement for you. Since the aligners need to be replaced every two weeks anyway, depending on the timing, we may just move on to the next set, continuing the treatment as planned.

How do I make sure my child is wearing the aligners?

As with anything new introduced into a teen’s life, there is an adjustment period! We make sure to do clear expectations setting with your teen – so they know what to expect in the first few days and throughout the overall treatment. This generally helps them feel more engaged and prepared for their smile correction process. It is very important that you make sure that your teen has the aligners on for the requisite amount of time (at least 22 hours a day). Invisalign® Teen also comes with a ‘compliance indicator’ – a blue dot that fades with use, so you can monitor your child’s progress.

Get your teen their most beautiful smile! 

At Skin ‘n Smiles, our lead Orthodontist Dr. Latika Dhawan is a part of the Invisalign Elite program – not only is she specially trained as a smile correction expert, she is very experienced to give your child his perfect smile with Invisalign®. Every patient is unique, and so is their treatment program. If you would like to learn if Invisalign® is right for your teen, contact us now for a free consultation!

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