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Care Tips for a Colourful Holi

Spring has sprung! And with Holi we mark the beginning of the new season the best way possible – with a huge colourful party! Holi can take a toll on your skin and hair though, so to help you enjoy the festival of colours to the fullest, Dr. Sachin shares some Holi care tips in this blog.

The mantra with Holi & skin care is prevention. Toxic permanent colours have industry grade or cloth dyes which contain iron, copper and magnesium oxides and sometimes heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, etc. Contact through skin and mucous membrane junction areas like mouth, eyes, and nail folds can cause direct absorption inside the blood and internal organs. These can lead to serious effects like abortions in pregnant women. Chronic exposure can also cause cancer. Allergic reactions, rashes, and eczemas are known to happen frequently. So it is important you take precautionary measures to protect yourself during Holi. Here are some things you can do to prepare for Holi:

– Put a transparent nail lacquer covering the nails and nail folds to act as a barrier to the entry of colour

– Apply oil in the scalp, and use a cap to protect the hair.

– Apply petroleum jelly to protect the skin.

– Wear glasses to protect the eyes. Avoid wearing contact lenses on Holi.

– Use sunscreen every hour while playing Holi as sunburns are very likely. Some colours get activated with sunlight and cause a photoallergic rash.

– Prepare your skin by regular moisturising 4-5 days before Holi. Avoiding bleaches, facials and scrubs a little in advance of Holi will help soothe the skin, as these treatments may irritate skin making it more sensitive to colours.

Taking care of your skin after Holi, especially when you are trying to wash off colours is equally important.

– To take off colour use a soap free cleanser for face and hands, and repeat wash 3 to 4 times.

– Avoid using harsh soaps, scrubs, or detergents bars to remove colour as that can cause irritant allergy and dehydration of skin, leading to eczema.

– Your skin needs hydration – use a gentle moisturizer after cleansing.

– Use sunscreen after the moisturizer as skin is more susceptible to sun damage after Holi colour use.

– For eyes, use lubricating eye drops like ‘Refresh Tears’ to gently rinse off the colour that may inadvertently have entered the eyes. You may use cold packs for eyes to soothe them.

– Use sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoos for hair wash to avoid excessive dryness in the hair, which has already been damaged by Holi colours and dried up due to constant soaking in water during the many hours of playing Holi.

– Use an intense moisturizer-containing, deep conditioner after shampoo.

– Avoid drying hair with a hair dryer especially on the hot mode to avoid further dehydration and thermal damage post Holi.

– Post Holi, after 1 week, a gentle smooth beaded scrub facial or a microdermabrasion- based facial will help to get the remnants of the colour completely off the skin and rejuvenate the dead damaged surface.

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