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Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the socket in the bone. Typically a tooth extraction in children is a simple procedure. Here at Skin ‘n Smiles, our paediatric dentists make sure that your child experiences the least discomfort. We may use some local anaesthetic, if required. In order to maintain the space of the baby tooth until the permanent tooth comes out, the dentist may place a space maintainer device or a removable retainer.

When is the right time for ‘baby teeth’ extractions?

A child tooth extraction is not very complicated, but it should be carefully considered before being done. It is important to consider the timing and need for the tooth extraction. This is because baby teeth serve a purpose, and removing them prematurely can cause long-term dental defects particularly with the growth and alignment of permanent teeth. Baby teeth, also known as primary or deciduous teeth, act like natural braces. They guide the adult teeth up into the correct places and hold the space in the mouth so that the adult teeth do not become crowded when they come up. If a baby tooth extraction is done too early, it can cause the open space to close up so that the adult tooth underneath cannot come in straight.

Painless treatments with nitrous oxide.

It is understandable for anyone, especially little children, to feel nervous about a dental visit. Some children can get anxious or even fearful of certain dental procedures. Nitrous Oxide gas can provide a safe and effective method to help reduce a child’s pain and anxiety during a dental procedure. It does not make your child feel overly drowsy, they are simply relaxed, happy and comfortable. Children recover quickly from the effects of nitrous oxide, once their treatment is completed. If your child needs nitrous oxide, our doctors will discuss the process and what to expect so both you and your child can feel completely comfortable and prepared for the treatment.
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