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Comedone Extraction

Comedone Extraction

Comedones are open (blackhead) or closed (whitehead) skin pores or hair follicles which have been clogged with oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. Left untreated, comedones can also get inflamed and infected, worsening acne breakouts. Comedone Extraction is a method of treatment for acne vulgaris, where the comedones are removed using a specialised instrument.

The best method for comedone extractions.

You might have had the urge to DIY your comedone extractions! Please don’t! This procedure must be performed by a trained professional or a dermatologist. When performed in the hygienic and sterile environment of a clinic, comedone extraction is perfectly safe. The therapist ensures that the skin is cleaned of any infectious material, and takes steps to reduce inflammation, thus decreasing the possibility of any scarring. During your consultation with our Dermatologists, they will recommend comedone extraction if they believe it will be beneficial to your acne treatment plan.

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