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Aqua Infusion

Aqua Infusion

Aqua Infusion, one of our signature treatments, promises an instant cleansing and nourishing facial experience. This super hydrating treatment saturates your skin with moisture and essential nutrients, to increase suppleness and help diminish fine lines, leaving you with a plump and dewy complexion. Suitable for all skin types, Aqua Infusion gives you a brighter, more hydrated and supple skin even after a single treatment!

A signature multi-step medical facial for healthy, glowing skin.

The Aqua Infusion treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells and sucking out white heads and black heads painlessly. This is followed by a jet spray using a specialised device which hydrates the skin, and aids lymph flow to reduce water retention and tiredness. Your face is then pampered with a soothing massage followed by an infusion of vitamin C and antioxidants that fight free radicals to reduce signs of stress, tiredness and ageing from your skin. You can expect to see results after the first treatment with a brighter, more hydrated and supple skin texture. Regular treatments, once a month, keep skin looking healthy and show the best results.

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